About Us

Why we do it

We undestand the language of Power, we speak in batteries, AC and DC. We dream of growing bussiness partners who are confident to know that the best equipment is within reach. We help our costumers so they can continue to deliver their expertise with a secure power support.



    Oil Industry

    The criticism of a petroleum platform overloads the possible room limitations for the equipment required for the operation.. However, we have reached to combine the great service of our solutions in small areas..
  • GE


    Only with a deep knowledge of each parts and pieces assembled in our solutions, we have identified and updated 2000 radiobases stations.


    As result of working with the best technology and a professional and trained team has let us transmit the confidence of keeping working the critical loads in the most important data centers all over the region.


    Knowing the needs of the customers has permited us to design gensets with special characteristics adapted exclusively to the sector.
  • SAFT

    Oil & Gas

    P&N has figured out the importance of showing the technical advantages with the financial analysis of each business in order to implement the best energy storage solution for the industrial application.
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